The Nursery Rhyme Book

This is a pre-assembled book, and it is CUTE! 
It is a 9"x9" book with a handle. It is completely interactive with each song.
Page 1: Itsy Bitsy Spider-
The spider moves up and down (on a sewn in ribbon). The sun snaps on and off (you know, OUT comes the sun...!)
Page 2: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.
Stars and diamonds button on and off.
Page 3: Little Bo Peep. 
 The sheep snap on and off, the green hill is a pocket, so that Bo Peep can "lose" her sheep.
Page 4: Old McDonald had a farm.
The barn is a pocket holding 4 finger puppets...Cow, Pig, Chicken, Duck
Page 5: 5 Little Monkeys swinging in the trees...
The monkeys snap on and off, the alligator slides back and forth to "snatch" the monkeys from the trees.
Page 6: I'm a little tea-pot.
The tea-pot is hooked on with a brad, so you can "tip me over and poor me out."
If you have a color scheme you want for a cover, let me know. Otherwise, check the "ON SALE TODAY" tab at the top to see what I've got in stock.
$35 (including shipping)

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