Preschool Quiet Book

This Preschool Quiet Book is perfect for the 3-5 year old in your life. They can learn to spell their name, weaving (hand/eye coordination), tic-tac toe (strategy), shoe tying, counting with pizza, and introduction to time.  

the APPLE PICKIN' page

the APPLE PICKIN' page
  Each apple has a metal snap on the back to hook onto the tree, along with a basket at the bottom to store them in once they are "picked"

If you like the snap concept, but would like a different idea, check out the COCONUT's page.

Making Your Own?

I sell tutorials/patterns for this page for $2. 
Contact me at julesandjems2011 (at) gmail (dot) com.

the ARK page

This page comes with 4 cute finger puppets, the Ark is the pocket that holds them. What kid doesn't love finger puppets??!

the BALLET page

I really, really love this page. I think I surprised even myself with it. I got exactly what was in my brain down in fabric! Love it when that happens.

Both bows at the top come untied, to help your little ballerina learn to tie her own shoes!

the BARN page

the BARN page comes with 5 finger puppets, the doors open to a pocket to keep the puppets in. The doors are secured by Velcro. Barn fabric will vary depending on what I can find at the time. Basic idea will remain the same!

the Build A Snowman page

This "Build A Snowman" page is a single page spread. The "Snow" at the bottom is a pocket for all the pieces. The snowman's face is attached permanently, but everything else is loose & the building is up to your imagination.

the CLOCK page

the CLOCK page. 
What a great way to learn numbers and time!

Everything is stitched on, there will be no ripping the numbers off of these! Obviously the hands move, they are very thick (to avoid ripping) and are fastened with a metal brad.

Of coarse yours doesn't have to be Ultra-Pink like this one. If you want it for a boy (or both) just let me know!

Here are a few more clock ideas:
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